What to Know About Creating an Elevator Pitch

What to Know About Creating an Elevator Pitch

It's easy to shy away from creating an elevator pitch.

It can feel like a very formal and constructed way of communicating that's the exact opposite of how we like to connect with other humans. Except it doesn't have to be!

Having an elevator pitch is not only a good way to get your ideas in front of other people, it's also a great way to get comfortable talking about your hopes and dreams in a way that makes you sound confident. Being able to speak concisely about what you're doing is important in any circumstance. You never know who's going to ask you what you do or what you'd like to be doing. Skip over the "Oh, uh..." to get into the conversation more quickly.

A good elevator pitch should ideally be under a minute, and touch on the following:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. What you want to do

Things to keep in mind:

-You won't have time to list all your accomplishments, so choose something that you're actually proud of.

-Be specific but not so specific that you alienate someone. A good elevator pitch can be useful in a variety of different situations, from networking events to job interviews.

-Practice it if you're unsure about the length or timing.

-Be yourself! Sometimes your personality is just as important as your past experience. Everyone has to start somewhere!

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