The Most Motivational Accounts to Follow on Instagram

social media Feb 24, 2020

When done right, social media can used to access great doses of motivation.

There's always a balance when it comes to using social media. As we all know it can be a massive source of distraction, and in some cases, even demotivating if we get caught up in the comparisons or FOMO aspects.

Part of our mission at Renge is to make meaningful connections in real life, rather than spending unnecessary time scrolling and swiping. That being said, social media has become a huge part of how we gather information, and when done right, where we find a lot of inspirational people and information.

The key is to be intentional about the time we spend scrolling through Instagram, and for us, that means following accounts that are truly inspirational. Here are some of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow for motivational people, visuals, and quotes!






(Yeah, that's us!)







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