Why We Do This

mission Aug 14, 2019

In a world of constantly evolving technology created to over simplify our lives, we have ironically felt more isolated despite the growing number of platforms designed to “connect” us. We’re the ones who follow our passion doing what we love 24/7 and are most likely reading this on our phone.

Our worst nightmare is going to work in a suit for 40 hours/week for the next 40 years.  Kill me now. And don't dare leave me a voicemail – just text me.  Today, meeting strangers online has become the norm but connecting in real life devolved into a “soft-skill,” surfacing a host of anxieties in our wifi-raised generation.

We share everything from office space to cars to even our homes. We can work in our sweats halfway across the world and use our social media for new business deals because work bleeds into our social lives; as it should, because, when you love what you do - it’s not work. We don’t waste our lives looking forward to the weekend because every day is the weekend. We’re out and about every day and night taking action to turn our fantasies into a reality.  Trying to find the right people to collaborate and partner with, however, can be a daunting task because it’s not just “who you know” but who likes and trusts you.  This trust germinates from a real connection which doesn't take place online but in real life.  So, we’re always out trying to meet the right people in hopes that we may one day work together and inspire the world.

But, how on earth do we meet the right people?

​At Renge, we believe you are always

in the right place

at the right time

with the right people.

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